Bad Blogger

It’s crunch time…our wedding is coming up, but a more immediate deadline I’m concerned with is our SCUBA certification course.  Next week, James and I will be spending a few hours in a local pool learning and showing our skills in operating SCUBA equipment and getting around under water. This is an even bigger challenge for me, particularly, since I just learned actual swimming skills this summer (which I’m still working on).

So, I don’t have much time to reminisce about my favorite vacation spots what with the being busy learning about the millions of ways you can die while SCUBA diving in my online coursework. For example, remember that really bad dentist you had a few years ago who gave you a filling? Well, if there’s air in that filling, you’ll be in for a painful SCUBA diving experience via “TOOTH SQUEEZE.” OK, it’s not necessarily fatal, but do I really need to worry about that too??

Anyhoo, I’ll likely be holed up in our apartment studying so I can become an informed SCUBA diver…I promise the stories will be priceless!



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