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New Horizons?

April 29, 2010

A recent article in The New York Times talks about a proposed offshore wind farm project in Cape Cod, one the Northeast’s loveliest travel destinations (and also a very windy place).  Constructed in the water, the project would create jobs, but also cause water traffic issues and be visible from popular beaches in the area.  The opposition to such projects is an example of our society just adapting (slowly) to change – it may take many more years before anything is actually erected on the horizon.

What does this have to do with my travel blog?

Coincidentally, while in Maui – possibly the windiest place I have ever been – I noticed a wind farm on some of the mountains on the west side of the island.  It was great to see alternative energy progress in a place that is a bit behind in some other developmental respects (i.e. essentially just one road around the entire island).  Currently, Maui’s wind farm provides energy to 9% of the island’s residents.

While the presence of the windmills was quite stark against the otherwise untouched mountainside, it didn’t seem to mar the overall beauty of the island by one bit.  They seemed almost peaceful as they churned slowly, and a constant reminder of how our world is embracing the changes in energy resource issues.

Perhaps people go on vacation to escape those particular reminders?  Fair enough.  But eventually we may need to get accustomed to more windmills (of the energy producing type) in our photo landscapes:

They’re even kind of artsy, right?


In a Word…

April 28, 2010


Now I know why almost everyone I know has been to Hawaii, and I’m enlightened.  Caribbean, schmaribbean.  It doesn’t hold a candle to diverse Hawaii and all it has to offer.  And we only saw two of the islands! We must have had perfect timing in arriving just as the dolphins rolled in and right before the whales headed up to Alaska.  Luckily, the unbelievable scenery is there year-round if the winter/early spring isn’t an ideal time to go.   I can’t wait to share some of our Hawaiian experiences including the cuisine, beaches, off-road adventures, and overall AWESOMENESS that is our 50th state.


Stay tuned…

In a Few Days…

April 14, 2010

I’ll be here. Sigh.

Stop the Madness!

April 6, 2010

I just caught this news on Twitter thanks to NY Times writer @csanati, and while I can’t believe it’s actually true, it almost doesn’t surprise me.  Spirit Airlines will begin charging passengers for bringing carry-on luggage aboard their planes – fees of $20-45!  Of course, Spirit Airlines will be the initial fall guy for a little while until other airlines begin to follow suit and jump on this exorbitant fee bandwagon (again).

There are exceptions, of course – diaper bags, pet containers and camera cases…I suggest getting creative if you have a lot of stuff to bring on board!  Those sherpa dog-carrying bags make nice duffel bags – you just need a realistic-looking stuffed Yorkie and you’ll be set!

You could probably fit a weekend's worth of clothes in here with Fifi.

All kidding aside, I sadly think that we are getting used to the nickel-and-dime service the airlines have been serving up over the last several years.  I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a plane ride (except for the landing in an exotic location part).

When will that teleport machine be ready, anyway??


April 5, 2010

News broke this weekend about a 755-ft Chinese coal ship that strayed from the regulated shipping channel and got stuck ON TOP OF the Great Barrier Reef.  After seeing this living, breathing reef so up close, this just breaks my heart.  The ship is a like a cancer that’s already done some damage, and they’re trying to quell any further irreparable harm.  It’s unknown if the ship may break apart and spill its 1,000 TONS of oil…that would just be disastrous.

Here is an AP photo showing the ship in its current state – the very light blue water is only a few feet deep, so for the boat to get THAT stuck in the reef area must have already caused some severe damage.  The darker blue water is the very deep channel that boats are supposed to use to navigate the reef area.

Oh me oh my...